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Video Promo Essentials – Shoot, edit and share video online!
Learn from a professional multimedia journalist how to create a quality promo video with your iPhone, iPad, the camera on your laptop computer or any digital video camera.  The course will be hosted online at udemy.com,  a website for online learning with experts from around the world teaching about what they know best.

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Video Promo Essentials – Shoot, edit and share video online! – by Jannet Walsh from Jannet Walsh on Vimeo.



Welcome to Dublin Academy, dublinacademy.net, a resource website for online media training, part of Jannet Walsh Media, established by Jannet Walsh of Murdock, Minnesota.

More details:  Dublin Academy, dublinacademy.net, is developing online media and career courses to help teach tech savvy skills to  job seekers, business startups, bloggers and citizen journalists world wide.

Here you will find information to online classes by Jannet Walsh, an international multi-talented and creative professional in the areas of video, career development, media and more.  Learn more . . .

The first course Video Promo Essentials – Shoot, edit and share video online, published in Fall 2013.  Learn from a professional multimedia journalist how to create a quality promo video with your iPhone, iPad, the camera on your laptop computer or any digital video camera.

Meet Jannet Walsh


Jannet Walsh


“I love cutting-edge innovation and using new technology to engage people’s attention in today’s social media world. My videos have aired on CNN, CNN iReport, HLN and as a guest on HLN live. New technology blends well with my traditional background as a New York Times Company staff photographer.”   - Jannet Walsh

Communications Professional  – Multimedia journalist, web designer, videographer, photographer, public relations, media relations, social media, marketing and more!  View online profile


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Jannet Walsh in Ireland working on her family roots, CNN iReport.

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Ten Quick Facts 

  1. Jannet Walsh is a 2013 CNN iReport Spirit Honoree
  2. Minnesotan Jannet Walsh is the web designer, editress,  blogger, photographer, videographer and more behind dublinacademy.net
  3. Certified Life and Career Coach, Certified Life and Career Coach with training by Jay Block, Executive Career Coach and author, jayblock.com
  4. Featured on the HLN – Clark Howard Show,  gives a pitch about her career.   Learn more. . .
  5.  Featured in #1 New York Times best seller, ”Living Large for the Long Haul.”
  6. Featured on CNN Radio 
  7. Seattle Fish toss iPhone video appeared on the home page of CNN.com
  8. Jannet was featured in a CNN iReport video with actors from the new ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ movie.
  9. A few media interviews from around the world
  10. Golden Apple award winner from udemy.com


Jannet Walsh, of Murdock, Minnesota,  is an award winning photojournalist and photographer with more than 20 years of experience capturing images, both still photographs and video. She is a former employee of The New York Times Company, working at a regional newspaper, Star-Banner, in Ocala, Florida.  Jannet’s work has appeared around the world.  View her photographs in a newspaper in Oslo, Norway.   Read more. . .

Educated - She has a Master of Arts in visual communication from Ohio University, one of the nation’s premier programs for photojournalism.  Her undergraduate degree is in mass communication from St. Cloud State University.  She has also received two fellowships from The Poynter Institute related to multimedia.

Worked and lived in Europe - Jannet owned and operated her own photo agency based in Sittard, the Netherlands, as a freelance photographer for Limburgs Dagblad, Herleen, the Netherlands, a daily Dutch language newspaper; had a portrait contract with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization(NATO) at Geilenkirchen NATO Air Base, Germany and other Dutch language publications. Jannet established a Dutch registered photo agency called JWK Foto, and is a former member of Dutch Association of Photojournalists. Click to view Linkedin profile and recommendations. 

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